Something Sweet Magazine

A few days ago, I went to the post office to collect my box containing issues 2 and 3 of Something Sweet magazine.

Issue 3 came with a free folder in which to keep all of the magazines.

The inside of the folder has lots of handy conversion guides and temperature guides for both chocolate and sugar.

Issue 2 contained a Sugar Mouse Mould (with tails), Gold Cupcake Cases and a Pink Truffle Box. 
Issue 3 came with a Hydrangea Cutter and Embosser.

The first subscription gift was a Sugar Thermometer and a Chocolate Thermometer. Both of these will be useful for trying out some of the variety of projects detailed within each magazine.

I look forward to trying a few new recipes and putting the gifts that come with each magazine to good use. I will hopefully be able to make lots of wonderful sweet treats in the near future, just need to buy the supplies first!


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