A Bit More Shopping...

I really cannot help myself when it come to shopping. Here are a few more purchases I have made recently.

Two cute Paris Themed Pairs of Knickers - Primark - 50p each

Two Pairs of Frilly White Socks for my Grease costume - Primark - £1.50 each
Brown Satchel for Grease - Primark - £9

Frilly Fold Up Umbrella - Primark - £4

Smart White Shirt - Primark - £6

Burgundy Rose Print Dress - Primark - £13 reduced to £5

Corkscrew Hair Grips - Poundland
These hair grips are brilliant for wearing your hair in a bun or other updo, as you just screw them in and they hold your hair up really securely. A great alternative to using loads of normal hair grips. These sell for about £5 for a pair in some other shops, so head to Poundland!

40s Style Fascinator/Hat - Claire's Accessories - £1 (in the sale)
I was just browsing in Claire's when I saw this little hat and decided that I really wanted it. It had no tag so I wasn't completely sure whether it was supposed to be in the sale or not, but a kind member of staff checked for me and found that it was indeed only £1. It attaches to your head with two crocodile clips underneath the hat.

I bought the little pink recipe box from Tesco for £2.50 from a clearance shelf, but when I got it home, I discovered that it is too small for some recipe cards that I already had (from Jenny Colgan's book 'Welcome to the Cupcake Cafe'), so I bought the blue one from Wilkinsons for £5. I had looked at it before, but talked myself out of it. It is a cute little box which comes with 12 blank recipe cards and 6 dividers - Starters, Mains, Breads, Soups, Salads, Puddings. The Jenny Colgan recipe cards fit into the blue box and the dividers are very useful. I shall slowly start to fill it up with recipes.
I am now using the pink tin to store my piping bag and nozzles, which I used for my chocolate cupcakes.


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