2021 Temperature Blanket


So I have decided this year to crochet a temperature blanket. This is a blanket that has a row crocheted each day in a colour that is chosen to represent the temperature for that day.

Here are the colours that I have chosen and the temperature ranges that they represent:

They are all Paintbox yarns in the colours:

0° and below - Pansy Purple

1° to 4° - Kingfisher Blue

5° to 8° - Marine Blue

9° to 12° - Washed Teal

13° to 16° - Spearmint Green

17° to 21° - Grass Green

22° to 25° - Mustard Yellow

26° to 29° - Blood Orange

30° and above - Rose Red

Border - Paper White

As I started on the 1st of January (and I live in the North of England), I have only used the first four colours so far. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes throughout the year.

For now, I will leave you with a picture of my blanket as far as January 31st.


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