Pin Curl Set - First Attempt

I have never attempted a pin curl set before, and I was a little unsure of how it would work on my already curly hair, but I decided to give it a go.
I bought some setting lotion and a boar bristle brush on eBay and they arrived in time for me to try it out for my cousins birthday party on Saturday.

On Friday night I washed my hair and towel dried it, before brushing some setting lotion through it.

I then sectioned my hair off and started to pin curl it. My pin curl clips seem to have vanished, so I just used a lot of hair grips to hold the curls in place.
My set was pin curled in opposite directions on each row as I wanted to achieve a 40s wave style.

I slept on it and gave it a quick blow dry in the morning to get rid of the few damp bits that were in some of the slightly thicker curls.

My spiral curls when I took my hair down.

I then finger combed my hair to separate the curls, and my hair more or less double in volume.

It took a lot of brushing to get my hair to look sort of reasonable, due to it being so thick. I think that I may have brushed the right hand side of my hair a little too much, as the curl almost completely dropped out and it just became very frizzy.
The left hand side of my hair held a nice wave, but the right was a little frizzy.

Unfortunately, even with the help of some hairspray, the style did not last long at all and just slowly became a large frizzy mess. I am going to try this again in the future (probably after having some layers cut back in - my parting was in a different place last time I had my hair cut, so the right hand side is extremely thick) and I will take into account all of the problems I faced this time in the hope of achieving a longer lasting and less frizzy style.


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