Eden Camp

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went for a trip to Eden Camp for my birthday. We had been talking about going for quite some time and decided that yesterday was as good a time as any. We were lucky to have chosen a day with such lovely weather. We arrived at Eden Camp in the morning and it was not very busy, which meant that we were able to just amble around the huts at our own pace and not have to worry about being in the way of other people. It also meant that I was able to take some photographs as we walked around some of the huts (some were too dark and I did not want to use my flash, as it is a museum and it would also ruin the atmosphere of the huts for us and other people).

Eden Camp is a modern history museum within the grounds of a World War II prisoner of war camp in North Yorkshire. Each of the huts has a different theme, such as The Home Front, The Blitz, Women at War and even World War I. There is plenty of parking and a lovely cafe as well as mess halls in which you can eat your own picnics if you wish.

We did not realise until we arrived that it was Fire Service Preservation Group Weekend at Eden Camp. This meant that there were lots of old fire and other emergency vehicles in an area of the car park for people to look at during their visit.

This post is very picture heavy!

We enjoyed a lovely light lunch when we were about half way around the huts and afternoon tea just before we left. As we sat down for afternoon tea, an announcement was made that a puppet show would be starting in the music hall at 1:30pm. We headed over to the music hall and managed to catch the show. It was a show comprised of performances by the puppet counterparts of such stars as Vera Lynn, Stanley Holloway and George Formby. The show was great fun for all ages and was very tongue in cheek. There was a lot of audience participation and singing along. I highly recommend that you see it if you can!


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