Dirndl Skirt

Here is the final piece of my Vintage Playsuit for the sewalong!

The dirndl skirt! 

This is similar in design to the shorts. I decided to make the skirt and shorts navy with white accents as I knew that I would be able to wear both with various different tops on holiday due to the simple colours and design.

I used the formula that Stephanie describes in her videos on her blog in order to draft the pattern pieces for my dirndl skirt.

It is a very basic pattern made up of different sized rectangles, which makes it ideal for even a beginner to sew.

I decided to add piping to the pockets to add a little more interest. This is something that I had never done before (I did this before I made the shorts) and I am really happy with how it turned out.

The only problem I found with my dirndl skirt is that it has turned out a bit too small. Despite my best efforts to measure everything correctly, my skirt is about an inch too small at the waist which means that I can't currently fasten it.

There will, however be pictures of the blouse and shorts being worn on my holiday over the next week and I am going to take the skirt with me to see what I can do with it!


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