Viennese Biscuits

As I have mentioned previously, I have subscribed to Something Sweet magazine. Today I finally got around to making something using a recipe in one of the magazines. I decided to make some Viennese biscuits from issue 9 for a tea party that I am going to tomorrow.

I started by gathering all of the ingredients that I needed to make the biscuits.

Once I had mixed all of the ingredients, I spooned some of the mixture into my Something Sweet piping bottle and tried to pipe it out onto my baking tray. This was quite a difficult task due to the thickness of the mixture, but I got there in the end. Unfortunately this meant that the biscuits ended up being a little irregular in shape and a bit bigger than I intended, but I was just happy that I had finally managed to pipe them onto the tray!

The biscuits spread more than I expected in the oven.

Once the biscuits had cooled, I started to melt the chocolate. Seeing as I wanted to get a bit of use out of my magazines, I decided to have a go at tempering the chocolate using the guide in issue 1.

I dipped each end of the biscuits in the tempered chocolate.

Seeing as I had some melted chocolate left over, I made some large chocolate buttons too.

I have already had to stop people from eating the biscuits because I only made 12 and I want to be able to take them to the tea party tomorrow. I may make more if they go down well tomorrow, seeing as people have already asked me to save them some. 

Hopefully they taste as good as they look!


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