Costume Progress - Getting Closer!

With Sheffield Film and Comic Con being one week away, I thought now would be a good time for a costume update.
I have procrastinated like crazy with this costume which is why I still have a fair bit to do over the next 7 days.

The bodice was a definite labour of love for me. I made two mock ups (which is something that I don't normally do because I am too lazy! I really wanted to be sure of the fit for this). My first mock up was using the Simplicity pattern pieces as they are, with no adjustments. This allowed me to see what I wanted to change to make it fit me properly. After I made my pattern adjustments I made a second mock up which was a better shape and gave better bra coverage under the arms and around the back.
When it came to assembling the bodice with my proper fabric, I used my adjusted pattern and it really did not work. The underarms gaped and I tried a few methods to rectify it, but none worked properly. I also discovered that it somehow was now 3 inches too small around my back.
My second bodice attempt turned out much better. I stay stitched the underarms with fusible interfacing and also took them in slightly at the top of the side seams to combat any possible gaping. I extended both back pieces by two inches so that I had enough to fit me and also to sew the zip into.
I still need to understitch the lining so that it doesn't stick out over the top seams and add a button to the back of the neck to fasten it.
The lapels are more or less finished. All they need are hooks and eyes at the top to fasten them behind my neck and press studs on the flaps which will tuck under the bodice to hold them in place.
The cummerbund just needs the open edge sewing together and a bit of a press, then I can sew on the hooks and eyes to fasten the back.
The hat is finished! The first time I have ever made a hat and I am very proud of it.
It is fully lined and has a wire comb sewn into one side to slide into my hair. I have also sewn a thin ribbon around the edge so that I can secure the hat further with hair grips.
I decided at about half past 11 last night to start cutting out my skirt panels. The red panels are cut and the hem lines are marked, waiting to be pressed and sewn into place. After the hems, I will press and sew the crease down the centre of each panel (and then do the same with the white panels, once I have cut them out).
I am going to sew the panels together with French seams for a neat finish.
Once it is sewn together I will pleat it into the bottom of my bodice and add the zip.
The first part of my costume that I finished! More information about the petticoat can be found here.
Not long left and still quite a bit to do! Got my work cut out for me this week!


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