So, I'm bad at this...

Erm, wow, hi... I really am not good at using this thing, am I? I am fully intending on actually using my blog more! My plan is to document all of my makes and any other random bits and pieces I fancy. This is mostly to help me to keep track of what fabrics, patterns, sizes, etc I have used for each project as I am terrible at remembering this stuff, but I hope that maybe someone else may also enjoy some of this! I don't know, we'll see...

Stratford-Upon-Avon OOTD

We went to Stratford-Upon-Avon in January for a few days on the anniversary of our engagement. I thought I would have a go at an outfit post and show you what I wore whilst we were away. Please excuse the black hair bobbles around my wrist on all of these!

I'm still alive!

Wow! It has been so long since I posted on this blog! I haven't published anything on here since (runs off to check...) 14th August 2015. I'll be giving this blog a bit of an overhaul as Photobucket has died on me so none of my pictures on here work any more :( Watch this space!  

Recent Primark Haul

Hello! I am here with another Primark haul! This stuff was all from a shopping trip a few weeks ago. I bought some LED lights for my bedroom and potentially to string up as part of a background for future YouTube videos. I bought this tinned, 3-wick candle to use in my bedroom. It smells lovely and the purple tin matches the colour scheme of my room. I will be able to use the tin after the candle has burned out to store various small bits and pieces. I have wanted a collapsible hula hoop for a while, so when I saw this in Primark, reduced to £2 I couldn't resist. I'm looking forward to using this soon. I wasn't looking for new makeup brushes, but these ones were next to the tills when I went to pay and for only £1, I couldn't really say no. This nail varnish twist pot is very useful and easy to use. It removes nail varnish pretty quickly and is less messy than tipping it from a bottle onto cotton wool. I decided to try these makeup sponges as I

Colette Sorbetto Top

I have seen many versions of this top floating around various blogs and Pinterest, so I figured that it was about time that I gave it a go myself.  

Books for £1!

I have never thought to look at the books in Poundland before, as I always just assumed that there would be nothing interesting there, however when I had a little time to spare in town a couple of weeks ago, I went and had a bit of a look to pass the time.

Christmas Book Haul

This post is a bit late and for that I must apologise! I want to share with you the selection of books that I got for Christmas, along with a sneaky little gift to myself that I picked up a few days ago. I received a range of different kinds of books, all of which suit me rather well. Just goes to show how well my family all know me!